Wireless Surveys

Modern life in the 21st century resolves around technology - Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, Smart Phones, Laptops, CCTV, Video Conferencing, Mobile Telephony and more. All these products all depend on one common item - WiFi. WiFi is the infrastructure that facilitates the communication medium for Wireless devices. So clearly, there is a requirement for good, solid, reliable WiFi designed using plans and schematics...right?

How many times have you had someone 'Estimate' the number of WiFi Access Points you need and in seemly guess the locations to install them using crude, basic methods? Does this seem like a professional who knows what they are doing? Not to us!

We use Ekahau Site Survey Professional to accurately design and assure the locations are correct, the number of WiFi Access Points is sufficient and use this to form a 'Heat Map' - this can guarantee Voice/Video over WiFi throughout your premise with no black spots!

Correct, The First Time Round!

By surveying correctly the first time, this reduces the cost in the future for adding additional cables and purchasing access points that might be required to fill in black spots that could arise from a poor survey

Faster installation

By producing a design report, engineers can quickly install and provision a WiFi network in the exact locations required. This also helps with any faults in the future, as there is documentation to refer to.

Greater Performance & Reliability

Using Ekahau, the worlds leading WLAN design software, we are able to maximize the performance out of each WiFi Access Point and guarantee the best signal and throughput in the required locations in your premise. This results in fewer support calls, greater user satisfaction and better value for money.

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