What makes Blaucomm Cloud Telephony different from everyone else?

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Blaucomm operates it’s own cloud hosted platform we called ‘CTC’ – the Cloud Telephony Controller. This hosted system is sold, maintained and supported by Blaucomm – but what makes us so different from other suppliers?

Why should you choose Blaucomm? Simple. Because we deploy the right solution, that’s fit for purpose at a price that’s fair. And we give back so much that other suppliers charge hidden fees for.

Most companies will sell hosted telephony at a “per user, per month” basis, so its easy to get hooked on that price and not ask; “What am I actually getting for that price? Will I pay for more things upfront or be charged for additional features that I want later on?”.

Let us set the bar for you.

We supply a reliable modern SIP Phone (also known as a VoIP Phone) Free, that connects to our CTC Platform that’s hosted in state of the art data centres in London. We include over 2,000 minutes per phone to 01/02/03/07 Mobile numbers including a Free DDI (Direct Number).

We include all the standard features you expect, like Call/Hunt Groups, Voicemail, Direct Dials, IVRs (Auto Attendants) – but we go beyond this. We include Call Reporting and Recording, Conference Facility, Voicemail-to-Email, as well as Desktop and Mobile Applications for complete unified communications.

But it’s the little details on top that help set us apart. We don’t charge you anything to make changes. We provide a free Professional Voice Recording for your announcements so you really stand out to your customers. We don’t charge for Training. We include warranty on all devices whilst you are out customer.

We’ll even dispose of your old telephone system.

Why do we do this? Because we love to stand out and provide a good service and do an installation so a customer becomes a relationship – not just a number on a board. We love walking away from a job knowing “we did good” – not leaving people complaining about bad installations, missing equipment or poorly trained staff.

I have an old telephone system that has been fairly reliable – why should I change now?

Maybe you haven’t seen – BT OpenReach will be switching off the ISDN network soon – this means all businesses will have to switch to SIP Trunking for their lines. Whilst you can use SIP Trunking on certain on-premise telephone systems, this still leaves you with a single point of failure on your premise. If your system goes down, your business grinds to a halt. By using Blaucomm’s CTC, you get a cutting edge modern cloud solution with built-in disaster recovering, multi-site fail-over, constant updates and new features, as well as emergency divert facility and remote working ability. Can your on-premise telephone system do that?

Okay, but I’m concerned – we don’t have fantastic Internet as my site; doesn’t cloud telephony rely on a good internet connection?

Yes, you are right, Cloud Telephony does rely on a good internet connection – but doesn’t everything? Email, supplier orders, CRM’s, file sharing, remote support and pretty much every business function?

Blaucomm have a rich and grand history in network engineering – we check every network is sufficient to support IP Telephony. This means we’ll check your internet connection, router/firewall, data switches and cabling to ensure everything is up to par. If it isn’t we can work to provide you a consistent, stable and reliable network that saves you money and meets your business needs.

Isn’t this expensive though?

Not at all – we provide a bespoke proposal for each customer that fits their needs and in most cases actually saves the customer money. This is because there is no expensive ISDN rental, no clunky on-premise telephone systems to pay support contracts on, no service visits required to upgrade parts or add additional lines to. It’s all managed and maintained by us, so we give you the best pricing as we can.

What do I need to do?

If you feel your supplier isn’t giving you value or treating you like a valued customer, please reach out to Blaucomm – we can migrate you over in as little as 14 days!

If you want to see how Blaucomm can save you money whilst giving you the latest in cloud telephony, why not reach out? You can call us on 08000 062 262 or email hello@blaucomm.co.uk !

BlaucommWhat makes Blaucomm Cloud Telephony different from everyone else?

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