Student Accommodation – I need WiFi, but the build is complete!

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It’s a common situation we see time and time again – a building has been commissioned or refurbished with all the latest fixtures and fittings – but where’s the WiFi?

Often the task of providing internet is just left to the last stages, so now you face the issue of getting broadband from a range of different providers – BT, Plusnet, TalkTalk, Virgin etc – all who want to run in their own cabling and install their own Routers.

But, there will be a range of different SSIDs, Passwords, coverage and performance – what a nightmare!

Student Accommodation is often a victim of this scenario, yet are prime examples of some of the most demanding networks being implemented – luckily Blaucomm have a good background installing full solutions for distributed internet and WiFi Access, just like for this customer near Central Nottingham (See Image Below)!

Does the below look familiar? Lot’s of WiFi SSIDs to choose from, all covering different parts of the building and ultimately creating an administration nightmare to manage?

So, you decide to do something about it – you get informed that you need dedicated WiFi Access Points which are ceiling mounted devices which broadcast WiFi signals that smartphones and other peripherals such as laptops, smart tv’s, gaming consoles etc can connect to.

But, those WiFi Access Points need cables, right? The cables provide the power and connectivity from the WiFi Access Point to the centralised “Comms Cabinet” – but what about your newly painted ceilings? What about the walls? Will lumps of ceiling be taken out and left for a costly repair bill? Nope!

Blaucomm have extensive experience in data cabling, and a favorite method in situations like this is the use of PVC Mini Trunking. This type of containment allows multiple cables to be neatly and safety installed, flush to corners and surfaces to blend in where possible. It looks professional, it’s quickly installed and easily allows more cables to be added in the future if required.

As you can see, the PVC trunking is kept flush to the ceiling and wall for discretion, and only protrudes out in to the center to deliver the final part of the cable to each WiFi Access Point. Smart, right?

What about around corners or stairs – will it still look neat and tidy?

You bet! Look at the below image – again, the Trunking is kept neat and flush to the ceiling and wall, it’s cut to length, tidy and securely fixed to the wall. Some installers will rely solely on the self-adhesive tape that is fitted from the factory to the rear of the Trunking – however over time this adhesive can become weak and cause the trunking to actually peel off and effectively falling off the wall – that’s the last thing you want!

We ensure all our Trunking uses wall plugs and screws to ensure a tight and neat fit to the wall. It’s these little touches that ensures the job is always done correctly.

So how expensive is it? Will it cost lots to install?

No – as a material PVC Trunking is reasonable in price. This means even if large quantities are need in varying sizes, it wont significantly affect a project budget. Our engineers will install the trunking in preparation for the cabling, so the process goes smoother and reduces installation time on site.

Okay – so now I know you can get cables in and make it look neat – what about my WiFi? How many of these cables and WiFi Access Point’s do I need?

That is a very very good question – WiFi Access Points are the devices that get installed to physically broadcast WiFi signals that your devices connect to. There are a multitude of different vendors/manufacturers and models all with different performance and price factors to consider. Blaucomm have select product lines that have been selected because we’ve proved they work in some of the most challenging situations. We wouldn’t provide a product that we hadn’t rigorously tested ourselves.

We firstly begin the journey with a WiFi WLAN Survey – this is the process of us using specialist survey software to check how many WiFi Access Points you need and where their intended locations will be. Have look below for more information on this service:

Once we have a report built, we know the exact solution to implement for you to guarantee full WiFi coverage and performance in your building. And of course, we can install it all whilst maintaining the aesthetics of your building.

What do I need to do?

Reach out to us – we’ll happily provide case studies and examples of previous installations so you can total piece of mind that Blaucomm can provide the right solution for you!

You can call us on 08000 062 262 or email !

BlaucommStudent Accommodation – I need WiFi, but the build is complete!

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