Digital TV

Fiber Integrated Reception System (FIRS) is our latest offering which provides tenants with any combination of Sky, Sky Q, Sky HD & 3D, Freesat, Freeview and radio services.

FIRS uses a single set of aerials and satellite dishes to provide digital entertainment services to hundreds of users without the need for individual satellites or aerials.

FIRS uses Fiber to distribute the signal in the building as opposed to traditional Copper Coax, meaning its not subject to electrical interference - fiber has minimal degradation so the signal is reliable and excellent quality.

Internet & WiFi

​Student's are probably the biggest users of Internet Connectivity; Netflix, NowTv, Amazon Prime, Skype, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, iTunes - all classic examples of the common applications students use all the time.

Whether it's online gaming, facetime or coursework, WiFi supports them all. It needs to be quick, support loads of devices all at once and never fails.

WiFi is often the first thing to be blamed when things stop loading - chants of "the WiFi's gone down" is not something to be heard in our deployments. 

We make sure that whether it's last-minute module submissions on Sunday night or catching up with Peaky Blinders on a Thursday, everyone gets connected all the time.


CCTV provides a valuable defense against malicious damage, theft, altercations and crime. It records and provides an unbias and unaltered perception on events, allowing individuals to be held accountable.

It provides preventative security measures that helps reassure tenants that their possessions are safe, since CCTV can act as a deterrent for any illicit activities.

IP CCTV is the shift from traditional CCTV usual coaxial cable and moving to modern Data Ethernet cabling - the same type of cabling that other networked devices use.

This reduces cost since engineers installing data cabling can also install the required CCTV, thus reducing additional specialist engineers on site and making use of existing materials on site.

Increase Revenue

Keep your accommodation full all the time , by making it more attractive  to tenants through technology investment.

High Speed WiFi and Internet, Digital TV and Telephone Services provide additional value above the competition, meaning you spend less on advertising and marketing by establishing your business as a leading choice for consumers.

Increase Satisfaction

By providing additional services, landlords can increase the satisfaction of their tenants and ultimately increase retention. 

This means you can get on with growing your business and look at future developments, rather than dealing with tenant complaints or trying to fill empty rooms.


A picture paints a thousand words - so how many does a video paint?

We've got a great little video that pretty much gives you the run down on our services.


Customer Testimonials

Tomas Miklusis, IT Project Manager, Excelcare

Blaucomm impressed me from our first email exchange. I was looking for a professional on-site Wi-Fi survey service provider and Blaucomm has delivered an outstanding service to us. Blaucomm carried out over 30 surveys for us and I must say wi-fi survey reports Blaucomm provide are the best I have seen so far!

Professional, responsive, flexible and easy to work with people. Thank you so much!

David Smith, MD

Swan Security Systems

We've always been a mobile engineering force, so found having appropriate communication with our customers was difficult. Using Blaucomm's Cloud Telephony Controller (CTC), we are able to pickup our calls wherever, whenever and use features such as Call Recording and Voicemail to Email without any additional cost - it's all included! No hidden costs or additional licences - we knew we had everything at our fingertips!

Paul Woolaston, MD

Property Land Projects

Blaucomm gave us the flexible cloud managed network meaning that everything was centrally controlled by their engineers - if we had any issues, they straight away had visibility to resolve the problem! And, with their billing system, we use our WiFi as a revenue stream and had truly created a proper ROI - tenants get high speed reliable Internet, we earn a revenue  and have peace of mind Blaucomm are looking after out network!


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