Enterprise Firewalls

WiFi Access Points, PC’s, Printers, Servers, IP CCTV Camera and IP Phones are just some of the endless devices that can be found in businesses or all sizes – all of them need a connection to the Internet.

But with the wave of malicious threats on the Internet, you need a firewall that you can rely on to protect you and your business from the security breaches that could end up costing huge sums of lost revenue!

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Blocks unknown threats

with a comprehensive suite of advanced protection including IPS, ATP, Sandboxing, Dual AV, Web and App Control, Anti-phishing, a full-featured Web Application Firewall and more.

Exposes hidden risks

on your network including unknown apps, top risk users, advanced threats, suspicious payloads and much more.

Industry Leading, Powerful & Fast

We’ve engineered XG Firewall to deliver outstanding performance and security efficiency for the best return on your investment. Our appliances are built using Intel multi-core technology, solid-state drives, and accelerated in-memory content scanning. In addition, Sophos FastPath packet optimization technology ensures you’ll always get maximum throughput.

Beat Ransomware with Sophos Sandstorm

Sophos Sandstorm blocks evasive threats like ransomware, disguised as executables, PDFs, and Microsoft Office documents — sending them to a cloud-sandbox to be detonated and observed in a safe environment. Threat intelligence is fed back to your XG Firewall and the file blocked or permitted. The process takes just a couple of minutes with minimal impact for the user. And Sandstorm gives you detailed threat reports for every incident so you know exactly what’s going on.

Patented Layer-8 identity control

User identity takes enforcement to a whole new layer with our patented Layer-8 identity based policy technology enabling user level controls over applications, bandwidth and other network resources regardless of IP-address, location, network or device. It literally takes firewall policy to a whole new layer.

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