phoneCONNECT is Blaucomm's Cloud Telephony Licence for a physical telephone handset. The basic user licence includes Extension Dailing, Direct Inward Dialing (DDI), Call Transfer, Voicemail to Email, Call Reporting / Recording, Hunt Groups, IVRs, Conference Calling - that's more features than most providers offer with their premium packages!


phoneCONNECT - Basic User Licence

£12.00 Regular Price
£9.00Sale Price
  • phoneCONNECT is the licence to enable you to use a physical handset. As Blaucomm's Cloud Telephony (CTC) is compatible with a range of handsets, there might be the possibility that we don't need to sell you new handsets as you could use your existing ones (subject to ts&cs) - However if you are buying this as a new product and your current handsets are not compatible, you will need to purchase the approved handsets from Blaucomm - note that phoneCONNECT does not include this handset! You can find a range of approved handsets on this store to choose which is right for you!