Multi-Language Support, User Self-Service – Blaucomm NMS Updated

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Blaucomm NMS (Nursecall Messaging Service) has been updated once again with some exciting new features including Multi-Language Support, User Self-Service and Multi-Tenant Login/Logout.

Let’s face it, we are a nation of multiple ethnicity, religion, race, but more importantly, language. Not every visitor or worker will speak a highly proficient level of English on immediate arrival, but more so develop written and spoken English through exposure and experience.

I mean, if you was to go to another country, could you operate the same tools and software with everything in another language to same proficiency level? Probably not.

The same applies for health care workers – many may come to the UK for better employment opportunities, bringing years of skill and experience with them. But the translation of medical terms might not always been known. This creates a challenge for these members of staff.

That’s why Blaucomm has decided to introduce multi-language support on the NMS!

This allows any user to login and change their preferred language – completely real time, on any device, completely self-service. In fact, we include a whole host of features that users can actively change and maintain about their profile, reducing the work load on care home managers or IT Support!

The settings are applied to the users profile, meaning that someone else can login on the same device, which will then change the the preferred language of the new user – this allows complete flexibility and easy distribution of devices.

Once the user has chosen their language, the changes are applied immediately – no need to logout and log back in, no change requests to IT Departments, no HR intervention needed, no technical knowledge required!

This language change supports the following languages: Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish.

However we are always looking to expand our options and include more languages to ensure no user is left at a disadvantage!

We’re constantly including features to keep making NMS the best solution available – we love your feedback!

Would you like a demonstration or trial of the NMS Solution? Curious to see costings and whether we can deliver the same success for you? Get in contact with Blaucomm today! Email us at or call 08000 062 262!

BlaucommMulti-Language Support, User Self-Service – Blaucomm NMS Updated

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