Internet Connectivity

Every business need internet connectivity, to the point it becomes the lifeblood of functioning! But it disrupts business operations when that vital connection to the outside world fails.

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That means waiting in queues to unhelpful call centers, poor cheap hardware that fails and needs rebooting all the time – who the heck needs all that when you are trying to run a business? We at Blaucomm agree! We hate poor internet connectivity. That’s why we partnered with the largest wholesale carrier in the UK with a leading SDN (Software Defined Networking) platform to ensure your connection stays up!

We can implement a variety of data connectivity circuits, from Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) to full 10Gbps Leased Lines with 4G/ 5G backups connections.

This gives you the confidence that we can keep your business up and running, and if things ever do go wrong, it’ll be back up in no time. No more waiting days for engineering appointments or replacement equipment from poor performing ISPs.

High Speed

Our Internet Circuits can reach speeds of over 10Gbps – that’s a huge difference compared to ADSL that can only deliver up to 24Mbps! Most of our circuits can be installed with more capacity than you need, but only pay for the speed you need. For Example, a 100Mbps Fiber Ethernet circuit can be installed but your current usage means you only need 50Mbps. You would only pay for 50Mbps, but if your business grows, we can increase the bandwidth up to 100Mbps remotely – no expensive engineering fees – just an increase in your monthly payment. Easy!

Rapid Installation

We move quickly! We can get a full Fiber Ethernet circuit installed from order in as quick as 20 working days, subject to survey! Sometimes they take a little longer if we need to get a new route dug to your premise, but that’s something we all arrange for you. We keep you informed every step of the way with updates to let you know the delivery date for your service, so you can focus on important things like growing your business!

We’re Fairly Priced

Because we have a direct relationship with our carriers, we can find the best prices for business connectivity solutions – from EFM, EoFTTC to Fiber Ethernet. Because our contracts range from 12 months to 36 months, we can obtain great discounts. We pass those savings on you in order to keep us competitive and fairly priced. No mid-contract price rises, no unexpected bills or changes to your service.

Remote Monitoring

We actively monitor all our circuits through a dedicated service called the Blaucomm 1View. We give all our customers access to this portal so you can view the circuits you have with us and check on it’s health. If there are any issues, we pick up on these and begin investigating – sometimes before you even notice any symptoms. It’s all part of the Blaucomm service.

Enterprise Firewalls

Business grade Internet Connectivity requires Business grade hardware. All EoFTTC, EFM and Fiber Ethernet circuits on 36 months circuits are supplied with a Juniper Router – this is a service provider router to manage the service. However, you will require a CA (Customer Apparatus) Firewall to provider the link between your internal network and the public internet. Blaucomm recommend the Sophos XG fleet of firewalls – we partnered with Sophos because of their leading network security appliances which provide outstanding security and performance. This means not only are we providing you with reliable internet connectivity, but the hardware to fully protect and manage your network. Total piece of mind!

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