Hit it! Drums, Guitar and Telephones – Blaucomm provide for Canterbury Music Education Establishment

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The streets of Canterbury will be filled with music! A specialist music school for children who have been removed from mainstream education has expanded from it’s original base in Swanley and opened a second establishment in Canterbury, hoping to continue their early success of 97% of those who complete the course leave with a nationally recognised business diploma, and 85% go on to further education or employment.

Nearly every student is allocated a Google Chromebook, and all staff use laptops, so the need for a strong, dependable network that can handle large media streaming for simultaneous devices was high. So they turned to Blaucomm to provide an infrastructure that they can invest in and scale up when required.

After surveying the property, we identified some infrastructure that could be re-purposed, such as some CAT5e cabling and in-situ data cabinets. This ultimately helped reduce expenditure and keep costs down where possible.

It order to handle the expected data throughput, Blaucomm provided a 100Mbps Bearer Fibre Ethernet connection – due to the low levels of initial students, only a 30Mbps Port Speed was provided which is sufficient for the starting period. But once the student count increases, the customer can simply make a request and within a few clicks they can be allocated increments of higher speed – this again helped reduce initial expenditure but allows the expansion and scaling up of bandwidth without any additional engineering visits or lead time delays.

To ensure the network had full protection from both internal users and external threats, Blaucomm deployed a Sophos XG210 – an extremely powerful appliance that will provide every shred of protection and auditing required. From easy BYOD access for students, what times of the day they can access social media, enforcing safe search on search engines, filtering out millions of un-healthy content and providing full auditing reports for inspections or incident management. No need to replace the appliance as the user count grows either – the XG210 will handle all their devices no matter what get’s added to the network in the future.

Full WiFi coverage was a given – Blaucomm used Ekahau Pro, the world’s leading WiFi survye software, to build up a heat map plan of the the environment, the ensure all the requirements were met – not just basic coverage, but full Voice-over-WLAN (VoWLAN) Support throughout.

To ensure the site had telephones, Blaucomm installed the cloud hosted system ‘CTC’ – this particular customer already had CTC at their Swanley site, so it was only 5 minutes configuration and they had 2 working extensions with DDI’s at their Canterbury site. They Canterbury number currently rings Swanley until they ‘go live’ at the new site, so no calls are missed and they’re ready to start using the phones as soon as they move in.

No appointments with OpenReach. No lead time. No down time.

Now students end up with lightning fast WiFi throughout the building, as well as fixed Data points within rooms for wired devices or Smart TVs, all on a reliable connection designed never to go down. All for a price that’s fair and can be spread monthly through a lease, fitting in with an Opex model if required or as Capex as part of a refit budget.

Can Blaucomm help you reduce your costs on Fibre Ethernet or Telephony?

Reach out to us – we’ll happily provide case studies and examples of previous installations so you can total piece of mind that Blaucomm can provide the right solution for you!

You can call us on 08000 062 262 or email hello@blaucomm.co.uk !

BlaucommHit it! Drums, Guitar and Telephones – Blaucomm provide for Canterbury Music Education Establishment

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