Cyberoam – End of Sale Announcement and Migration to Sophos XG

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Blaucomm partnered with Sophos to fulfill the requirement for Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) needed to ensure all our customers have total network security. Sophos acquired Cyberoam in February 2014 in order to expand and deepen Sophos’ already significant product portfolio in network security, by combining Cyberoam’s Unified Threat Management (UTM), next-generation firewall and network security expertise with Sophos’ existing award-winning network security solutions in UTM.

But, as innovative new products arrive to market such as the leading Sophos XS product suit, Sophos have announced the beginning of the end for Cyberoam. The End of Life process has begin by announcing the End of Sale of the entire Cyberoam product portfolio, including the ‘iNG’ series.

Sophos announced that 31st March 2019 will be the final possible date to purchase hardware products, with Sophos/Cyberoam support ceasing completely on 31st March 2022.

What can I do? Do I have to replace my Cyberoam Appliance?

Sophos value the contribution Cyberoam customers have brought by purchasing appliances and services. Therefore, a Migration Path exists so existing Cyberoam customers can migrate and install Sophos XG firmware on a Cyberoam Appliance. This unlocks all the features and abilities of a Sophos XG appliance, as well as extending the lifetime of the appliance to that of a regular XG Appliance (which, considering it has no EOL or EOS announcement could mean many years yet).

Great, so what’s the catch? Additional Fees? Hidden cost?

No catch. No Hidden cost. No additional licence. Blaucomm are Sophos Partners, so we can perform the necessary task to arrange the transfer of your Cyberoam Customer account to a MySophos ID, then register your existing Cyberoam licences as Sophos Licences, then execute the actual firmware upgrade.

As we’re experts in our field, we will ensure a minimal downtime for you – we’ll migrate your configuration so there is no need to re-configure the settings all over again – useful for the many many individual settings and firewall rules that typically exist in existing deployments. This reduces engineering time and deployment issues.

I’m not sure if my Cyberoam Appliance is registered or licenced?

Not a problem. We can check this using the Appliance Key – it’s sort of like a Serial Number that allows us to identify your exact appliance. We can check to see what licences you have. If you don’t have a Cyberoam Licence, then we can arrange to get one, then migrate it. It’s important to note that you should have a Cyberoam Licence before we migrate the appliance. But that’s fine – we won’t expect you to know all the in’s and out’s – that’s why we take care of it all!

Apart from keeping the Appliance ‘Supported’, what else do I get?

All the features your licence permits on a regular Sophos XG. This can include the web filtering, anti-virus and anti-malware, advanced threat detection, http/https scanning, captive portals, sandstorm, and so much more. Essentially, you get all the features that the award winning Sophos XG appliance gets, on your Cyberoam (that your licence permits).

It includes manufacturers support, including hardware warranty. This means if you appliance goes faulty, you get a brand new replacement! The last thing you want is your investment in the firewall to be blown out if the hardware fails and it’s not entitled to a free replacement and you have to re-purchase a new appliance all over again!

Furthermore, you get a much better enhanced GUI for easy management, and even access to the cloud management portal ‘Sophos Central’.

What do I need to do?

You need to act before 31st March 2019 to ensure you are protected. Blaucomm can order licences, migrate you and perform a health check to ensure all configuration is correct and as best practice guidelines.

Blaucomm can provide the ongoing support and maintenance on the appliance as well, ensuring you always have networking experts at your fingertips!

If you have a Cyberoam and want to upgrade to Sophos XG, why not reach out? You can call us on 08000 062 262 or email !

BlaucommCyberoam – End of Sale Announcement and Migration to Sophos XG

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