WiFi Connectivity

WiFi is an essential part of any business, such as secure payments on card machines, Guest WiFi or high performing enterprise networks; Blaucomm has a product to suit every situation.

Intuitive cloud management

Powerful cloud management platform with enterprise features all included:
  • Centralised cloud-based management.
  • Automatic alerts when access points go offline.
  • Powerful captive portal with easy splash page editing.
  • Flexible mounting for installs indoors and out.
  • Detailed views of networks, access points, switches and clients all in one place.
  • Bandwidth limits, device reboot and client blocking.
  • Create secure public and private networks.

Reliable WiFi that never fails

No expensive on-premise legacy controllers costing thousands of pounds – all our WiFi access points and switches are managed from our Cloud Platform which we call CNC – Cloud Network Controller.

Our platform allows you to manage all the devices you require, meaning there is no need to upgrade or pay for additional licences of fees when you need to add more devices. As a result of this approach, it really is a solution that scales to your demand!

Plus the access point’s are well designed with excellent build quality designed to last. They blend in with all environments are have easy to mount brackets for flexible deployments,

Designed correctly, by actual
experienced WiFi Engineers

Ekahau Pro and Sidekick for WiFi Survey

We use Ekahau Professional along with Sidekick to accurately design and assure the number of WiFi Access Points is sufficient, locations are correct and use this to form a ‘Heat Map’ – this can guarantee Voice/Video over WiFi throughout your premise with no black spots!

These tools are regarded as the best WLAN survey and design tools in available – that’s why we use them!

By surveying correctly the first time, this reduces the cost in the future for adding additional cables and purchasing access points that might be required to fill in black spots that could arise from a poor survey.

Quick Changes to WiFi Setup

Quick Changes to WiFi Setup

Need to change a WiFi Password? Got a particular device that seems to not connect to WiFi? Easy – with centralised cloud management, we can very quickly diagnose and resolve issues if they occur! Get stuck or simply want us to make the change for you? No problem, we’re available 24/7 to help you.

Reduce Costs of WiFi Deployment

Reduce Costs of WiFi Deployment

The cloud portal scales, meaning you can start with 1 WiFi Access Point and then add more when you need – opening a new site? Expanding in to a new part of the building? No problem, just add more devices from the portal. No need to upgrade anything or pay licence charges or software assurance. Great for reducing costs!

Customer Testimonials

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