Cloud WiFi

WiFi is an essential part of any business. From secure payments on card machines, Guest WiFi with analytics, to high performing enterprise networks - Blaucomm has a product to suit every situation. 

A professional wireless survey is always carried out so we can ensure we deliver maximum performance with the appropriate number of WiFi access points. We are all highly certified and experienced engineers - every installation is given a post-install survey report confirming your network is performing as intended!

Cloud Managed

No expensive on-premise legacy controllers costing thousands of pounds - all our WiFi access points and switches are managed from our Cloud Platform which we call CNC - Cloud Network Controller. Our platform allows an unlimited number of access points - from 1 to 1,000,000 & beyond - truly, a solution that scales to your demand!

Geo-Redundant Servers

Redundant servers all over the world ensure maximum up time - however all products work 100%, even if the Cloud Platform is unreachable!

Facebook Check-In

Facebook has a global reach to over a billion people, so the chances are nearly all your customers are using Facebook on their mobile phone. So, why not let them connect to your WiFi network using Facebook? Our WiFi can allow your customers to 'Check-in' on Facebook to your business. This lets all your customers' friends know they are at your business - free advertising to potentially thousands of people local to your area!

WiFi Billing

Our products allow you to bill for access to your WiFi network - ideal for hotels, conference centers, or student accommodation. This allows you to get a return on your investment and actually turn your WiFi in to an additional source of revenue! You can even offer free WiFi access and then the ability to upgrade to the premium (billable) WiFi. That way, you can offer your users multiple options to connect!

Enterprise Security

Security is the hot topic in current society - all our WiFi access points support enterprise security features such as 802.1x RADIUS Authentication, 802.11r, & WPA2. All of are solutions are highly secure and conform to all applicable laws and legislation straight out of the box!

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