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Stunning high quality phones for every style and function

Our cloud telephony platform has been designed to work with a huge range of phones. So if you've already got compatible handsets which staff are used to, we could configure those to work with our system.

Prefer new phones? No problem! We work with a large array of vendors, including Yealink, Polycom, Cisco, Snom, Grandstream, Gigaset, Sangoma and more. Polycom and Yealink and the more popular and favorite due to their diverse product range and affordable pricing.

Conference phones, reception phones, staff phones, wall phones, intercom units, tannoy system, door phones - a phone for every style and function. 

We can even get legacy analogue phones to work on our platform using a special ATA (Analogue Terminal Adapter) which means if you already have an analogue device such as a Lift Line, this can be connected to the cloud. Smart, right?

The best part is that the actual brains behind everything sits in the cloud. The phones simply use your internet connection to make calls, meaning there's no dedicated ISDN or PSTN lines required. The phones work from anywhere there's an internet connection, so it could be at home, at another office, or if you're using the Desktop or Mobile app then this could be in the airport, on the train, in the coffee shop - you're never tied to a single location like traditional telephone systems do.

Desktop App & Mobile App for full Unified Communications Mobility

Staff can easily communicate using the built-in chat facility - it's safe, secure and easy to find staff to engage with - there's even groups. It's pretty much like WhatsApp!

Messages cannot be deleted by staff and are fully auditable by managers using the cloud dashboard for complete security.

The App also has a great feature - it's multi-language! Staff can choose their native language if there is a barrier to understanding terminology in English. This makes staff feel inclusive and assists with their English development.

There's a boat load more of innovative features now and coming shortly!

Quick Changes

No longer do you need to get a specialist engineer with engineering tools to login and use complicated software to make changes - Blaucomm's cloud telephony makes it so easy that any staff member can quickly make changes from changing phone names, ring groups, DDI's and more.

Get stuck or simply want us to make the change for you? No problem, we're available 24/7 to help you.

Reduce Costs

Telephone bills have historically been complicated and full of hidden charges you aren't aware of - with Blaucomm's cloud telephony, each extension is supplied with 2,000 minutes to 01/02/03 and 07 mobile numbers which is pooled together in one large pot for everyone to share. This provides predictable monthly bills that won't increase unless you make premium or international calls outside your allowance. Perfect for managing overheads!


Customer Testimonials

Tomas Miklusis, IT Project Manager, Excelcare

Blaucomm impressed me from our first email exchange. I was looking for a professional on-site Wi-Fi survey service provider and Blaucomm has delivered an outstanding service to us. Blaucomm carried out over 30 surveys for us and I must say wi-fi survey reports Blaucomm provide are the best I have seen so far!

Professional, responsive, flexible and easy to work with people. Thank you so much!

David Smith, MD

Swan Security Systems

We've always been a mobile engineering force, so found having appropriate communication with our customers was difficult. Using Blaucomm's Cloud Telephony Controller (CTC), we are able to pickup our calls wherever, whenever and use features such as Call Recording and Voicemail to Email without any additional cost - it's all included! No hidden costs or additional licences - we knew we had everything at our fingertips!

Paul Woolaston, MD

Property Land Projects

Blaucomm gave us the flexible cloud managed network meaning that everything was centrally controlled by their engineers - if we had any issues, they straight away had visibility to resolve the problem! And, with their billing system, we use our WiFi as a revenue stream and had truly created a proper ROI - tenants get high speed reliable Internet, we earn a revenue  and have peace of mind Blaucomm are looking after out network!


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