Cloud Switches

WiFi Access Points, PC’s, Printers, Servers, IP CCTV Camera and IP Phones are just some of the endless devices that can be found in businesses or all sizes – all of them need a connection to the network. Our switches have 3 sizes – 8, 24 or 48 Ports all with the ability to power devices like IP Phones and prioritize voice & video traffic above other data – all managed from our Cloud Network Controller (CNC)! Click below to see a PDF Guide!

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Cloud Managed

No expensive, legacy and basic-features switches with clunky management systems – all our switches are managed from our Cloud Platform which we call CNC – Cloud Network Controller. Our platform allows an unlimited number of switches – from 1 to 1,000,000 & beyond – truly, a solution that scales to your demand!

Geo-Redundant Servers

Redundant servers all over the world ensure maximum up time – however all products work 100%, even if the Cloud Platform is unreachable!

Traffic Priority

Advanced protocols like Quality of Service (QoS) and Bandwidth Rate Limiting ensure that data traffic like Voice and Video are given a priority about all over types of data – this helps guarantee no more intermittent, jittery and delayed VoIP calls or video conferences!

Power over Ethernet+

Our switches allow you to power up WiFi Access Points, IP CCTV Cameras, VoIP Phones and any other devices that require PoE – infact our devices deliver a huge amount of power, up to 30W per port (PoE+ – 802.3at) giving you the ability to add other devices and not invest in more switches!

Enterprise Security

Security is the hot topic in current society – all our switches support enterprise security features such as 802.1x RADIUS Authentication, MAC ACL and IPv4 ACL. All of are solutions are highly secure and conform to all applicable laws and legislation straight out of the box!

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