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Student’s are always the first ones to let you know when the internet isn’t working – whether it’s a Whatsapp call, Facetime, Netflix, NowTV, YouTube or Coursework, they are always online. Therefore, when you have a large a student accommodation building with dozens (or even hundreds) of eager data-eaters, the last thing you need is to be bombarded with complains of slow or dead internet!

Student Accommodation was traditionally just given a broadband such as ADSL or FTTC per flat which was seen as sufficient maybe 10 years ago. However this requires multiple lines from an ISP, multiple routers, all of which are unreliable and often require ‘rebooting’ aka turning off and on again! In fact, we’ve surveyed multiple buildings that had labels saying ‘in the even of internet failure, turn off and turn back on’. Just look at the proof below!

Does that look like the type of solution that’s reliable, fast and problem-free? Or does it look like it’s caused that many problems that they’ve had to put instructions on restarting certain equipment when it fails? Considering you might find one of these routers in each apartment, that means multiple WiFi networks, some working, some not. What a nightmare!

Does the below look familiar? Lot’s of WiFi SSIDs to choose from, all covering different parts of the building and ultimately creating an administration nightmare to manage?

So, what would Blaucomm suggest? typically, you need dedicated WiFi Access Points which are ceiling mounted devices which broadcast WiFi signals that smartphones and other peripherals such as laptops, smart tv’s, gaming consoles etc can connect to. They look asthetically pleasing as well – just see below!

Those WiFi Access Points are connected to a centralised ‘Comms Cabinet’ in the building, where Blaucomm would install all the necessary switches, firewall and routers. No messy spaghetti cabinets are installed – we ensure everything is neat, tidy and professionally maintained!

A single reliable connection called Fiber Ethernet will be installed to provide the internet access – Fiber Ethernet is fast! In fact, we can deliver up to 10Gbps – that’s over 142 times quicker than standard FTTC connections! Fiber Ethernet is backed by an SLA meaning any faults are guaranteed to be fixed in a maximum of 7 hours – but they rarely even happen. That’s because Fiber Ethernet isn’t shared with anyone else – it’s dedicated for you and you only!

Blaucomm ensure every device gets a fair share of this connectivity, so no film geeks can suck all the bandwidth away from anyone else! We then conduct a survey after installation and give you a report so you know your WiFi is working perfectly!

Now students end up with lightning fast WiFi throughout the building, as well as fixed Data points within rooms for wired devices or Smart TVs, all on a reliable connection designed never to go down. All for a price that’s fair and can be spread monthly through a lease, fitting in with an Opex model if required or as Capex as part of a refit budget.

What happens if something goes wrong? I don’t want to install this and then still have to deal with complaints of people not getting online!

We totally get that. That’s why in the rare circumstances that someone is having a problem, they can contact us directly. We’ll support them and their devices to get them connected or diagnose and problems. Most of all issues reported are resolved by the user restarting their device or updating it, not our equipment. But, we’ll always be here. To this day, we’ve not had to make 1 single visit to resolve a fault in any of our student accommodation sites – this shows the strength of how good our support is!

So how expensive is it? Will it cost lots to install?

Price is always dependent on building size mainly, since the larger the site then the more WiFi access points, data points, switches and labor is required. However, we always ensure that what we are providing is fit for purpose and aligns within a budget where possible. We try and ‘pre-stage’ alot of the configuration before attending site, so that along of the equipment is ready to go. This minimises our professional services time on site and ensures a smoother installation and project delivery.

Okay – so how can you know how many WiFi Access Points I need? Are you just guessing?

That is a very very good question – WiFi Access Points are the devices that get installed to physically broadcast WiFi signals that your devices connect to. There are a multitude of different vendors/manufacturers and models all with different performance and price factors to consider. Blaucomm have select product lines that have been selected because we’ve proved they work in some of the most challenging situations. We wouldn’t provide a product that we hadn’t rigorously tested ourselves.

We firstly begin the journey with a WiFi WLAN Survey – this is the process of us using specialist survey software to check how many WiFi Access Points you need and where their intended locations will be. Have look below for more information on this service:

Once we have a report built, we know the exact solution to implement for you to guarantee full WiFi coverage and performance in your building. And of course, we can install it all whilst maintaining the aesthetics of your building.

Are you sure your equipment can handle the amount of data that my students may use?

You bet – below is a picture capturing 30 days work of usage at 1 particular site – look at the mount of data that’s being used just on Netflix! Over 2.2 Terabytes! And this is regular traffic we see from 1 site, without any complaints. So yes, our equipment can stand up to the high demands of your network and its users!

What do I need to do?

Reach out to us – we’ll happily provide case studies and examples of previous installations so you can total piece of mind that Blaucomm can provide the right solution for you!

You can call us on 08000 062 262 or email !

BlaucommBlaucomm’s Student WiFi and Internet

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