Blaucomm NMS Success in Care Village

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The Engineers at Blaucomm have completed another successful installation in to a large care village in the North West of England!

After learning the customer had an Intercall Nursecall System and wanted to move away from Legacy Pagers, we knew we had the right solution – the NMS; Nursecall Messaging Service.

Blaucomm Partnered with one of the UK’s largest distributors of Nursecall Systems and through this relationship have begin the process of installation, testing, proving the concept and village-wide rollout for this prestigious customer.

Firstly, our technical team gathered all the required information, such as Nursecall Panel location, suitable data access (Ethernet or WiFi), Power. This helps us know straight away what infrastructure is in place and if Blaucomm need to provide anything else as part of the installation.

Since the customer already had an existing Intercall Nursecall sysytem, we knew that integrating was no problem due to the Intercall having an on-board RS232 Paging Port.

Blaucomm Engineers attended the site and installed our ‘I.S.’ (Integration Server) – This is the appliance in the white enclosure. This device is responsible for taking the alerts and delivering them to our Cloud Platform ‘NMS Cloud’. The device supports WiFi, Ethernet and even GSM failover so we can use the public 2G network from any provider in the event the local network fails. We also include a UPS inside so the I.S. can remain online and working for up to 20 hours whilst in use. We’re ready for anything!

You can see the I.S. Unit is aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eye to look at – it’s neutral white colour ensures it blends in with existing walls and looks smart – even against wallpaper. The unit has visually indicator lights on the outside informing it’s on and functional.

You might have also noticed the Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 in view – the customer had these deployed for a care management application, so Blaucomm was able to take advantage of this and provide it’s App to be installed on the devices.

This reduced the requirement for additional devices to be carried, allowed staff to continue using a device they are familiar with and reduce expenditure such as additional device outlay, ongoing licences/support and mobile device management.

As soon as the I.S. Unit was connected to the network, it connected to the NMS Cloud and downloaded any new firmware updates and applied them – no reboots are even required. That’s right – it applied the new updates and didn’t even require restarting, meaning it resulted in zero down time – perfect for healthcare!

It downloaded all it’s settings and configuration from the NMS Cloud and instantly began delivering alerts. Talk about a resounding success!

Would you like a demonstration or trial of the NMS Solution? Curious to see costings and whether we can deliver the same success for you? Get in contact with Blaucomm today! Email us at or call 08000 062 262!

BlaucommBlaucomm NMS Success in Care Village

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