Blaucomm are SafeContractor Accredited – but what does that mean?

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SafeContractor is, in short, a health and safety accreditation for businesses, helping demonstrate your health and safety compliance to potential clients.

That’s why Blaucomm are SafeContractor Accredited! We’re accredited in Telecom Network Services & Telecommunications engineering in both Construction Contractor, Non-Construction Contractor Roles. This includes activities involving Ladders / Step Ladders, MEWPs, Selection & Control of Subcontractors, Working at Height, Working on Services, Systems, or Equipment Requiring Isolation. Pretty capable, huh?

By being SafeContractor Accredited, this is allowing Blaucomm to prove its commitment to industry standardisation for Health and Safety. Since SafeContractor is not a legal requirement, it shows Blaucomm are investing back in to the industry to ensure we are always compliant, professional and progressive.

But how does that benefit me, the customer?

In order to be SafeContractor Accredited, there are numerous checks and verification of insurance, qualifications, accreditation, health and safety policies and more. By completing these checks, you know Blaucomm is compliant and competent in every area we operate.

How long does your accreditation last?

SafeContractor accreditation lasts 12 months – so we’ll constantly be updating and improving our policies to ensure we always are accredited.

What do I need to do?

Reach out to us – we’ll happily provide case studies and examples of previous installations so you can total piece of mind that Blaucomm can provide the right solution for you!

You can call us on 08000 062 262 or email !

BlaucommBlaucomm are SafeContractor Accredited – but what does that mean?

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