Blaucomm NMS – Cutting Edge Integration for Nursecall Alerts and Healthcare Systems

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Blaucomm have spent a considerable amount of time developing our NMS Solution!

NMS – The Nursecall Messaging Service was designed in-house by Blaucomm; we’ve spent many hours and will continue to spend many more to ensure the NMS is the leading platform for integrating with Nursecall and Patient Record systems to delivery information to an App on smart devices such as Android Smartphones and Tablets.

So, what really does NMS do?

Nearly all care facilities currently some form of system for patient alerts. Commonly, this is a Nursecall System from brands such as Intercall, Courtenay Thorne, Chubb, Safety Systems and more. These systems generally work by the resident having a button or panel to generate a ‘Call’ for someone to attend.

This Call is shown on panels/screens around the Care Facility stating the location and type of alert, such as ‘Ground Floor, Bedroom 04, Assistance’ or something similar.

However this requires the member of staff to be near a panel to be alerted to a Call and to be able to learn of the action required. This isn’t an efficient use of time.

The staff member would then go to the location of the alert and ‘Accept’ it.

But, most systems won’t give you any reporting on this action. Who accepted the alert? How long did it take them to attend? Is that higher than normal for this resident? What’s the average time for all residents to be attended? Is that member of staff slower at responding than everyone else? Is that resident frequently pressing their Call button much more often than other residents signalling a potential great level of care required?

That’s where NMS comes in. We install a device that connects in to your Nursecall System. We receiving all the alerts and data, and send this to our platform in the Cloud. Essentially, we are going to process the information on really powerful computers that can do this for many care facilities at the same time!

We issue smart phones to staff members, or we can most likely used existing ones if you have already invested! The devices will have our NMS App – they sign in, using unique credentials that identify them. No setup required or technical details required – the App speaks straight back to the Blaucomm NMS Cloud Platform.

The staff member identifies they are working at “Care Home Lodge” site, since they often move from site to site to cover shifts. They identify they are working on the Ground Floor for this shift. Then, when an alert is triggered from any location on the Ground Floor, they receive the alert on their handset information them the type of alert – both by written text and colour coded. For example, an Emergency from GF Bedroom 14 would read: “Emergency: GF Bedroom 14” or similar. It informs them the time this alert was made and how long ago that was (e.g. 32 seconds ago).

The staff member select ‘I will attend this Call’ and the alert stops showing on other devices. If they choose ‘I Cannot Attend’ then all other staff continue to see the alert.

Managers can login to a portal to see statistics on staff members, on the residents, on zones and alert types, and break them down to time periods such as the last 12 hours, 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days or 6 months.

All the information is presented in clear, easy to read charts and graphs which can be exported for sharing.

Great, so what other features do you have?

We’re glad you asked! Features currently include a Chat within the App, so staff members can communicate with each other and view message history, or a manager can create group chats – great for putting information out to Team Leaders!

We also include self-management, where the staff member can update information about themselves, such as zone membership – this is great if they change to a different floor and only want to receive alerts for that floor.

We’re also getting our integrations up to scratch with other systems, such as Fire Alarm Panels, Care Planning and Management and lots more. This allows us to give more details information and also provide our data to other applications you already use, creating a better picture of what happened, when, who and why!

If there’s something you want to see on NMS, why not let us know? You can call us on 08000 062 262 or email !

BlaucommBlaucomm NMS – Cutting Edge Integration for Nursecall Alerts and Healthcare Systems
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Blaucomm Release next generation 802.11ac Wave2 BL-42

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Blaucomm are extremely proud to announce the release of the next generation 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Point range, starting with the BL-42!

Featuring a quad core processor and dual radios (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with MU-MIMO transmission technology, the BL-42 can support twice the number of devices and deliver up to 3X more data throughput than the previous model (BL-40).

The BL-42 supports a high volume of simultaneous users, making it perfect for dense deployments. Install the BL-42 almost anywhere, indoors and out, with the included universal installation kit.

The BL-42 includes hardware watchdog, two Gigabit Ethernet ports and a USB port and can be powered by standard 802.3af PoE or passive 18-24V PoE.

As with all Blaucomm Wireless Access Points, it’s managed from our cloud management platform CNC – The Cloud Network Controller. Mesh technology enables access points to work together to form a self-organizing, self-healing wireless network, and with device fingerprinting, you’ll know who is on your network in terms of device operating system, name, bandwidth used and more.

BlaucommBlaucomm Release next generation 802.11ac Wave2 BL-42
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